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Recently found out that three of our digital artwork pieces have accepted for the Toledo Museum of Art’s “Zeroes and Ones” Exhibit! The pieces included are Sherlock, Zombie Marilyn, and Battle of the Charizards! I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to revise some of my older works. The newly revised pieces will be in the exhibit. Here are Marilyn’s revisions (old on left, new on right) where I gave her some much-needed improvements 🙂

Zombie Marilyn comparisonsMost notable difference is I brightened the color and boosted the contrast. But I also revised her hair, so it’s smoother and more natural. The arm bone was bothering me for the longest time because I thought it was too small, so I made it much larger. I also added more shading and color around the eyes. This was one of my first pieces I ever did, and I hope you’ll agree that the much-needed improvements make it look better 🙂

“Zeroes and Ones” is a showcase of local digital artists and will be displayed in the community gallery, accompanying the “Art of Video Games” exhibit. It will run from May 19th-Sept. 18 2014. Come check out our amazing work in person!!


New Sculpy Dragon available on Etsy!

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This little Dice Guarding Dragon is now available for purchase on our Etsy page! Check it out!! —>

Blue Dice Dragon