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Contest entry for the Darling Army: This was such a fun designing challenge and you all know how much I love Pokemon and can’t resist doing some art of them any chance I get 😉

Legendary Birds Kimono Dresses


So I’ve been searching for the longest time to find a bad-ass armored female character to cosplay as for the longest time, and it is so hard to find one with somewhat realistic armor! So my solution is to create some of my own. This is strictly concept art and will probably be revised later, but I already like where it’s going and I think the armor would be really fun to craft in real life! 😀

The armor and bodice are based on the Xenomorph Alien Queen’s general body and style and the sword is based on the tail.

Alien Queen armor concept

We have recently partnered with ‘Just Game’ to design characters and concept work for their Board game! So this is a breakdown of how we do concept work for characters!

1. Start out with various sketches in different clothing.
2. Render chosen character.
3. Final details added and inked linework is complete.
4. Base colors (no shading)
5. Finished piece!

Gnome process