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Made out of Sculpey clay, simply because I thought they’d be cute!  Not sure if I should sell them or not…

Httyd charms 3Httyd charms 2Httyd charms 1



Made this a little bit ago for an instagram contest, but it was just so much fun to stretch my art muscles with it :3

You can follow me on instagram here for behind-the-scenes and works in progress:

Even from you, life shall come forth

Finished my Skyrim tribute piece! It’s so difficult to capture the epic-ness of this game into art, but I gave it my best shot! The print will be available soon in my Etsy shop 😀

Finally finished and took some nice pics of this guy! He took such a long time to complete with all the tiny details, but was so worth it! Made with a wire and aluminum foil armature, Super Sculpey Clay, acrylic paint, and a glossy glaze over top.

Smaug 1 Smaug 2 Smaug 3

New Sculpy Dragon available on Etsy!

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This little Dice Guarding Dragon is now available for purchase on our Etsy page! Check it out!! —>

Blue Dice Dragon

Charizard Pokemon Battle!

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Newest Replay of Toledo print. Get yours now!

Charizard Battle

Dragon Sculpey Sculpture!

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My first work with Super Sculpey clay over a wire armature! This stuff was amazing to work with. He will be painted soon! ~D

Sculpy Dragon 4 Sculpy Dragon 3 Sculpy Dragon 2 Sculpy Dragon 1