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Contest entry for the Darling Army: This was such a fun designing challenge and you all know how much I love Pokemon and can’t resist doing some art of them any chance I get 😉

Legendary Birds Kimono Dresses


Venom Artwork!

Posted: February 25, 2015 by dragonspirit469 in Uncategorized
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Just finished some Venom artwork! Decided to loosen up my style a bit and have fun! Might be available as a print soon, so keep an eye out for it 😉

Venom - Duplicity


Made this a little bit ago for an instagram contest, but it was just so much fun to stretch my art muscles with it :3

You can follow me on instagram here for behind-the-scenes and works in progress:

Even from you, life shall come forth

Princess Mononoke Work in Progress!

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Linework for my newest project! A tribute to one of my favorite movies, Princess Mononoke. Full color coming soon!! 😀

Princess Mononoke lines

We have recently partnered with ‘Just Game’ to design characters and concept work for their Board game! So this is a breakdown of how we do concept work for characters!

1. Start out with various sketches in different clothing.
2. Render chosen character.
3. Final details added and inked linework is complete.
4. Base colors (no shading)
5. Finished piece!

Gnome process

Sketch for my most detailed sculpture yet! Not sure yet if I want to do a bust or full-body yet. And yes, this is the Alien Queen from “Aliens”. One of my favorite movies! More pics to come 🙂

Alien Queen

“His mind, now sluggish with blood loss, gave one last thought before his brain finally ceased operations: ‘I want to live again. Please.’”

Art done for my friend, Salem, for his character concept and story he’s submitting to White Wolf Publishing. To be in color soon!

The Phoenix