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Made out of Sculpey clay, simply because I thought they’d be cute!  Not sure if I should sell them or not…

Httyd charms 3Httyd charms 2Httyd charms 1



My first set of charms sold so fast, I had to make some more! You can purchase them in my my etsy shop now!!

fnaf group all fnaf group

Finally finished and took some nice pics of this guy! He took such a long time to complete with all the tiny details, but was so worth it! Made with a wire and aluminum foil armature, Super Sculpey Clay, acrylic paint, and a glossy glaze over top.

Smaug 1 Smaug 2 Smaug 3

Xenomorph Alien Queen Sculpt!

Posted: August 7, 2014 by dragonspirit469 in Uncategorized
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My Alien Queen sculpture is finally finished! Started with a wire and aluminum foil armature nailed to a wooden base. The bulk of this is Super Sculpey with Super Sculpey Firm for the hands and spikes (for more durability). Then, she gets a paint job with acrylic paint and enamels, and finally a glossy topcoat. Amount of time: WAAAY too long! 😛

Xenomorph Alien Queen Sculpt

New Sculpy Dragon available on Etsy!

Posted: April 10, 2014 by dragonspirit469 in Uncategorized
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This little Dice Guarding Dragon is now available for purchase on our Etsy page! Check it out!! —>

Blue Dice Dragon

Dragon Sculpey Sculpture!

Posted: February 9, 2013 by dragonspirit469 in Uncategorized
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My first work with Super Sculpey clay over a wire armature! This stuff was amazing to work with. He will be painted soon! ~D

Sculpy Dragon 4 Sculpy Dragon 3 Sculpy Dragon 2 Sculpy Dragon 1